After 4 years and 4 trips to court, I finally got my bike tickets dismissed!

New York doesn’t play. They start sending you notices that your license will be suspended even when you come to 3 different hearings, years apart. Intimidating. The first hearing was scheduled a year out. The second another year later, etc etc. I guess they hope you’ll not show and have to just pay.

The officer who pulled me over on my bike, said I ran a red light and had 2 headphones in. However, I wear a mono headphone… I promised myself that if the ticket were dismissed, I would never doubt the existence of abundance again.

Here’s to perseverance. I even got my $40 bond back that I forgot I paid. Now that’s confirmation of the Universe providing.

What should I do with those two 20 dollar bills? Put them on my alter? Give them away? Loan to a friend? Give to charity?


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