Coming around to POSE

It’s taken me a little bit. Already pre-disposed, I was a bit put off by the clunky writing and awkward acting at the beginning.

But by episode 5, it’s like the show finds its groove. Or maybe I just cut it a break. I LOVE period dramas after all. And this is a period I lived through but wasn’t part of.

Its fun to watch it happen again when all we got in Richmond or Austin were the trickles of this heartbeat. Of course, we were busy making our own heart beats. But watching POSE, I see that we were influenced by this culture more than we knew.

And since I spend 60% of my time on the road, having POSE play on Netflix loop while I pack a suitcase or brush my teeth and get ready for bed is like having some of those funky friends around.

Its soap opera for freaks and goddesses, for iconoclasts and trailblazers. Because as a young friend said recently, “You know, it wasn’t always easy for gay and trans people!”




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