Dorothy and Kermit would be proud.



3 thoughts on “Dorothy and Kermit would be proud.

  1. Can you answer the most burning Teen Mom question? Is Kerthy short for something? Is there a story behind your name? You have many fans!

    • Hi Jayme,
      My grandparents were named Kermit and Dorothy. As luck would have it, they squeezed them together and gave my mother the name Kerthy. (Otherwise, you would be chuckling on Redditt about “Dormit, Producer”.)

      My parents passed this family name to me and Ermagherd! Its Kerthy!

      • Photocred to Fausto Fernos @feastoffun who laughed his ass off when he saw the Ermagherd / Kerthy references and helped me stage this photo.

        We LOVE our Teen Mom Fans!

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