Forlorn post script from Prospect Heights

ratnerI saw this on Dean St between Vanderbilt and Carlton Ave where there is an odd and ever-changing gallery space. I don’t know who the artist is. There was no name. This artwork looks out over the now demolished graveyard of warehouses which Developer Ratner will turn into 18 high rises.

Or so, he says.

IF, and that’s a big if, the arena and the high dollar buildings turn a profit, there will be affordable housing included.

But in Prospect Heights, what is affordable anymore? Is a $500,000 apartment affordable? Where will the school teachers, firefighters and bus drivers live?

With no middle class to support the city’s services, Brooklyn will become a lo-fi Manhattan, an amusement center for tourists. Like Venice, Italy, a strange museum of a city, where the workers leave at night to go to the affordable housing in the far suburbs, leaving a drowning mirage of a once-lived life.


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