World hunger and fasting

Not eating is hard. In New York City it feels especially hard.

Food abounds here. It’s glorious, decadent, healthy. As day 5 stretches long, I find myself hibernating at home because with food all around, I am starving.

Or rather fasting.

A 7 day fast to protest the proposed Congressional Budget cuts that would affect the Food Stamp program as well as funding for farmers in malnourished regions around the world.

I just don’t get it. It’s not enough of a savings to really do anything. It just seems like mean-spirited selfishness on the part of conservative lawmakers. Why these cuts and not severe cuts to the military? The prison system? Tax breaks for the wealthy, corporations, and those energy raiders of oil, coal and natural gas resources?

So, I’m fasting.

You get  very clear. My thinking is spiritual and more telepathic. I lay here thinking about the future and answers appear.

But I’m hungry and hunger makes one sad. I don’t want anyone to be unwillingly hungry. Especially children.



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