A Music Video that Paul Kloss, Erin Orr and I recently finished


This is the director’s cut of a music video that Erin Orr, Paul Kloss and I spent the last 6 months off-and-on to bring to life. It represents the heart and vision and ultimately the truth of our friendships. A big thanks to the crew and puppeteers who helped make it happen. We’re very proud of the storytelling and vision that resulted. Enjoy!

Puppet Design and Direction: Erin Orr

Producer and Director: Kerthy Fix

Director, Camera and Edit: Paul Kloss

Gaffer: John Murphy

Assistant Camera: Greg Keras

Art and Assistant Lighting: Gabe Cruz

Hair: Diana Sabio

Stylist: Mariah Keras

Twig Crown Designer: Lisa Van Wambeck

Production Assistant: Faith Robinson

Studio: Charged, Brooklyn



Rosalind Lily

Ren Carrillo

Rachael Shane

Maiko Kikuchi

Jaime Elizabeth Moore

Heather Bunch

Kate Brehm


Puppet Builders:

Rosalind Lily

Rachael Shane

Maiko Kikuchi

Jaime Elizabeth Moore

Heather Bunch

Boo Froebel

DJ Reed

Sarah Alden

Chris Green

Lake Simons


Thank Yous:

Cynthia Von Buhler

Chris Green

Adam Pierce


Organizing non-fiction Producers – the WGA East is killing it

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 11.13.15 AM

I was lucky enough to join the Writers Guild East after working on a TV show at Sharp Entertainment last year. My mother’s talent for union organizing (teachers) must have been passed down to me, because its really gotten my blood going to be involved and watch this movement develop.

Someday, non-fiction producers will get the credit we deserve as the folks who write reality shows and the long term sustainability that residuals, health insurance and retirement savings would allow.

This latest article in Deadline, focuses on the current push to organize at Jane Street productions and really gets at the heart of what we’re working on now – creating a pay scale floor that the companies can’t go below.